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    3 herbal groups effectively treat acne

    Green tea, cucumber, bitter melon, honeysuckle … are considered effective acne remedies.They are divided into 3 types: antibiotic group, acne remover group and dual effect group – just protect the skin from Toxic, just promoting the healing reaction under the skin.

    – Antibiotic herb group works to pasteurize face skin in the form of a daily cleanser, produced from common fruits and vegetables such as green tea, lemon, grapefruit, cucumber, bitter melon, dandelion, carrot, melon … There are also some classic medicinal plants such as honeysuckle, locust, dandelion, chrysanthemum, hibiscus, chickens, marigolds … also belong to this group.

    Honeysuckle belongs to the antibiotic herbal group that disinfects the skin on the face, treats boils, measles, urticaria, itchy sores.

    – The group with the ability to kill acne can gently decompose the keratin in the area of acne, instead of desiccating the sebaceous gland like synthetic medicines. papaya, apricot, fig, strawberry … or active ingredients from tubers, lettuce, gac, cajuput leaves, pennywort …

    – The kep effect group includes turmeric, seaweed, sunflowers, etc., which both protect the skin from environmental toxins, and promote the healing response under the skin to fight scars or help the scar heal faster with fewer symptoms. There are also chicken eggs, royal jelly, honey … also have these effects.

    In addition to regular use of natural acne treatment products, it is necessary to apply periodic detoxification measures to the body with bile teas (artichokes, gotu kola), laxatives (bitter melon) , diuretic (corn stubble) and anti-stress (Ganoderma, lotus heart). In addition, a diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables is also an effective lever of all procedures for preventing and treating acne.