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    Acne with natural strange types of face in your home

    Acne makes women feel uncomfortable and lose confidence when going out. And how to treat acne is what many women are most concerned about today. Currently, there are many acne products on the market. However, you can also use the type of acne mask to repel the acne quickly with easy-to-find ingredients right in your kitchen just saved and highly effective.

    How to make acne masks at home is really very simple with natural ingredients that will help your skin clear acne quickly but also bring smoother and brighter skin, creating a protective layer for skin. prevent acne returning to attack due to bad effects.

    Strange face from honey and cinnamon powder helps treat acne quite effectively

    Honey works to reduce the swelling of acne, cinnamon powder has an antiseptic effect to prevent acne infection. The combination of 2 ingredients will form a mask that is to reduce the swelling of acne spots, tighten pores, effectively exfoliate. Mix the mixture together to form a paste and apply on the acne-prone skin, you can leave it overnight and then wake up and clean your face with warm water will help reduce visible acne.

    Strange face acne treatment and fresh milk

    This type of mask works very well with blackheads, whiteheads and reduces swelling quickly. Mixing lemon with fresh milk and then using a cotton ball to apply the mixture to the face, leave to dry for 10 minutes and rinse with water will help you treat acne quickly, in addition to helping you get smooth skin and brighter white.

    Strange face from tomato and cucumber treat benign acne

    Tomatoes and cucumbers are the two fruits that women use most as masks because these are the two most benign masks for the skin to help smooth skin and avoid acne quickly. Mixing tomato juice with cucumber juice and applying it to acne spots and letting it dry for 10-20 minutes then rinsing it off with water will give you a smooth skin without acne.

    Acne mask from carrots and honey

    Carrots contain vitamin A which is essential for skin and body. So it’s great for your skin. The simple way to create a acne mask for the skin is to puree 1 fresh carrot and mix with 1-2 tablespoons of honey and apply it to your face.

    The second way is to boil the carrots and let cool and then grind into a bowl. Then add honey to make a paste and apply on the face. After at least 10-15 minutes and wash your face with cold water.