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    Collagen – Need to supplement 5,000mg daily

    (Dân trí) – It is recommended by health experts after many studies show that collagen plays an important role in supporting regeneration and maintaining smooth skin.

    According to Assoc.Prof. Dr. Nguyen Huu Sau, from the Central Dermatology Hospital, there are many scientific research studies on skin structure and studies that have proven collagen to support and link cells, help skin soft.

    According to research by Professor Shushichi Takahashi, Pharmaceutical Academy, Nihon University, Japan, under the age of 20, people have healthy skin and collagen produces itself to maintain elasticity. But after this age, especially after the age of 30, the amount of self-produced collagen will decline rapidly and if not added promptly will cause skin sagging or wrinkles.

    And oral collagen supplementation is one of the proven solutions. Accordingly, the results of a 4-week clinical study using collagen published at the recently launched Meiji Amino Collagen product show in Hanoi, showed that the use of 5,000mg of collagen daily will help maintain Moisturizing the best skin.

    Meiji Amino Collagen was officially introduced in Vietnam market in May 2014, exclusively imported and distributed by Thien Thao Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company.