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    Enjoy spoiled for spring without worrying about acne

    Spring is coming with a lot of wishes for a new year filled with love, luck and happiness. In this atmosphere, any girl wants to be beautiful and perfect to meet friends and relatives. However, this time is the eternal enemy of women – acne attacks your skin, making you lose confidence when you go out. Will you stay at home this whole fresh spring? Rest assured, getting rid of obnoxious acne is not as difficult as you think, please refer to the following information:

    Acne in the spring, why is that?

    In fact, any time of year you are likely to be attacked by acne, they are extremely persistent. However, spring is the peak time of the attacks, because the atmosphere is favorable and you know, you also help acne. The cold but humid air of the North, or the hot and dry heat of the South, makes your skin become weaker, its ability to resist the attack of external bacteria decreases, creating favorable conditions for Acne forms and develops. These are the outer enemies, and the enemy is the delicious and delicious Tet dishes that day. Surely, Tet is indispensable for the taste of banh chung, banh tet, pickled onion, braised meat, etc. and using so many hot dishes in this way is the way you help acne have a chance of total tons. Works on his lovely skin.

    Special acne treatment for the new season.

    Train hard – always keep your skin clean. It is a habit for girls, and some men, to always use a mask when on the road to avoid dust, smoke, and wind, but you should change or wash the mask regularly because if you use it for a long time, dust and smoke clung to masks that turned into the kingdom of bacteria. Also, remember to always wash your face clean with warm water, use a cleanser suitable for your skin and limit your use of cosmetics. For those in cold weather, you can use more moisturizers to avoid dry, cracked skin in cold and hot weather.

    Find more allies – befriend water. Drinking lots of water helps your body eliminate toxins out of the body, preventing them from infiltrating the body and causing troublesome diseases. Especially in cold weather, drinking plenty of water helps you to replenish moisture from the inside for the skin, helping the skin become smooth, shiny. Remember, you drink water not to quench your thirst but to serve your skin’s needs.

    Special use – A herbal remedy with the combination of Honeysuckle Flower and the tip of the horse to drink to cool in, cure and prevent acne from returning has been used for centuries, and is a valuable remedy in the treasure of traditional medicines. With the special uses of these two precious herbs, helping your body to produce cooling, cooling and eliminating toxins from the body, helping the liver and kidneys work effectively. . You can sharpen Honeysuckle and Seared Horse results in the ratio of 3-6. Sac 100ml of water to get 10ml, boil and drink 2-4 times / day.

    Do not let acne make you unhappy in these spring days!