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    Training and Resources

    – We have a team of qualified and experienced staff and employees who are always dedicated to the job.

    – We identify people as the most valuable capital to create value for businesses and for society. Therefore, we always focus on building policies to care for and attract experienced workers; rejuvenating staff.

    – Training and developing people is one of our priority tasks.

    – We set up a training policy with the goal of building and developing a staff of proficient, ethical business, professional working styles and enthusiastic customer service.

    – Always listen to ideas and encourage employees to create ideas, share information and knowledge.

    – Always offering training plans, assisting employees in developing an individual development plan, creating a favorable environment to help employees promote their full potential, develop their professional qualifications and achieve their personal goals. his personality.


    Research and development

    – We invest and develop the Research and Development Department (hereinafter referred to as R & D.) Gathering many experts and employees with deep experience in domestic and abroad.

    – R&D Department is responsible for researching market potentials and product development orientations for businesses. This is also a solid basis for product development and greater market share. Create firm beliefs for partners to rest assured cooperation, entrusting products to us.




    – We have a Marketing team with high qualifications, experience and market spirit.

    – A skilled marketing team, always giving great ideas to build the right business strategies.

    – A vibrant, enthusiastic staff always shows passion and is ready to devote to the company’s marketing. Devoting to work, taking care of and bringing added values to customers and partners; at the same time bring high values to the company and to the society.


    Finance - Accounting

    – Ensuring a healthy, effective, accurate, complete and timely financial situation.

    – The efficiency of financial activities is exploited based on the available advantages.

    – Exploiting the relationship with the banks.

    – Improve financial management regulations.

    – Strengthen the organization and organization of accounting.

    – Comply with the provisions of law