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    Hot from the inside – The enemy of the skin

    “Consistent – second skin”, since ancient times our fathers had a habit of paying special attention to appearance and giving some criteria to evaluate beauty.

    Now, with the development of aesthetic science, “shape” has been easily improved by measures of sports, medicine, nutrition … but “skin” is still incurable by complex and seemingly complicated expressions. as if uncontrollable, and one of the culprits causing this condition is hot in.

    Hot in often cause symptoms: dry apple, irritability, increased thirst, difficulty sleeping, nosebleeds, dry chapped lips … especially this disease has a great effect on the skin because they cause excessive sweating, pimples, rashes.

    Cause of internal heat

    The reason is that the body is weak, the functioning of organs is not good, toxins cannot be discharged during metabolism. The liver and kidneys are weakened so the body’s cleansing function is not enough to detoxify, leading to accumulation and cause pimples, rashes.

    In addition to internal causes, most of us encounter external influences that lead to symptoms of internal heat. Some of the main reasons are: use of many chemicals (in packaged foods, bottled beverages …), eating greasy, spicy, hot, too sweet foods. Or we expose our skin to polluted, hot environments, drink less water and use stimulants (alcohol, beer, cigarettes …).


    As early as the 1960s, the director of the Pharmaceutical Research and Development Institute of the Military Medical Department, Professor – Dr. Do Tat Loi pointed out in his book – “Vietnamese medicinal plants and herbs” – a medicine Useful for the treatment of hot, clear boils is the use of Honeysuckle and Horsetail. Over the years, this remedy has been proven effective and safe in treatment.

    Honeysuckle – also known as the Eastern Ring Tree, is a species of climbing plant that can reach over 10m in length. Tubular honeysuckle splits on two lips, big lips split into 3 or 4 small lobes, at first the flowers are white and turn yellow. Scientists have shown honeysuckle perfume has a strong inhibitory effect on staph. Honeysuckle has sweet taste, welding (cold), non-toxic, has the effect of eliminating heat, pimples, dysentery, syphilis.

    Tend on the horse’s head: is a small tree, with a height of 2m with a slotted trunk, staggered leaves, slightly 3-sided leaf blades, a serrated edge with 3-5 lateral lobes, short hard hairs. According to ancient literature, there is a sweetness and moderation.

    Remedy uses Viburnum & Horses to treat inner heat, clear heat, treat pimples: use 6g of honeysuckle, 3g draw horse’s head with 100ml of water to get 10ml, then add sugar to make it sweet (about 4g). Close the sterile autoclave tube for storage. If used immediately, do not have to close the tube, just swing and keep boiling for about 15 – 30 minutes to drink. Take 2-4 doses / day.

    Currently, on the market there are pills manufactured according to the formula using these two precious herbs, which are very handy and effective in preventing and treating acne.