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    Meiji Amino Collagen is officially distributed in Vietnam

    GiadinhNet – Japan’s leading collagen supplement has been officially introduced in Vietnam market since May 2014.

    Launch of Meiji Amino Collagen supplements

    Meiji Amino Collagen is a collagen supplement, widely used in the Japanese market, a well-known market for health-related products. The product is in powder form, does not change the color and taste of food when mixed together.

    Meiji Amino Collagen was officially introduced in Vietnam market in May 2014, exclusively imported and distributed by Thien Thao Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company.

    According to a survey by market research firm INTAGE SDI (Japan), Amino Collagen Meiji’s sales ranked first in the market of collagen supplements in Japan for two consecutive years 2012 and 2013.

    Actor La Thanh Huyen – brand ambassador of high quality product line Meiji Amino Collagen

    Previously, women wishing to use Meiji Amino Collagen can only access the product via the portable goods route, so there is no guarantee of the origin, storage conditions of the product. even the expiry date … Therefore, consumers also do not receive a commitment from a company or organization for their legitimate rights. With the cooperation of Meiji and Thien Thao Pharmaceutical, Vietnamese consumers will have the opportunity to use products with clear origin, genuine labels, and commitment to product quality.

    After a period of participating in Vietnam market, Meino Collagen Meiji has received really good feedback from consumers. 90% of women feel the product effect within 7 days of using the product. Now, Amino Collagen Meiji will accompany Vietnamese consumers in beauty care from within.