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    Treating blackheads with natural remedies

    Does not cause swelling, pain, but blackheads make many women bother. They are usually concentrated in the T-zone, especially on the nose wings. Blackheads can be easily removed, but the ability to come back and persist is very high. Therefore, you need to have acne treatments at the root. Here are some tips to help remove blackheads effectively, safely and without cost

    Hot rice mask

    When the rice is cooked, it is still hot, take a bit of rice, hold it in a fist, and roll over and over the nose until the rice gradually turns black and stops the heat. Then wash your face with warm water and use a little more rose water to tighten pores. If you work hard in this way every day, after 1 month, the skin not only lights up, softens but also blackheads are “eliminated”.


    One of the easiest ways to get blackheads on your nose is to “make friends” with lemons daily. Apply lemon juice to your nose before going to bed. In the morning, rinse your face with cold water. Keep doing this until the blackheads are gone.

    Honey mask, lemon juice, salt

    Using this mixture as a mask for the nose 3 times / week will bring you unexpected results.

    Strange face egg white

    Apply a little egg whites to a soft cloth. Then apply on the nose until the cloth is dry again. Gently peel off the cloth, it will pull the blackheads together.

    Strange face from the aloe tree

    Aloe leaves spikes, rinse, put in water to squeeze together with cucumber, then place in a small bowl, add egg white, pearl powder, flour to stir into a paste so that it clings to the face to not run down . Wash your face, apply the powder on the face, after drying, wash, pat on the skin type of water to soften the skin, tanning products are okay, 1-2 times a week.

    Lettuce fish

    Drunk with lettuce, apply it on face for 15-20 minutes for 2-3 months to have a smooth, acne-free and healthy skin.

    Covering strange pearl powder

    Pearl powder not only helps your skin soft, brighter but also helps you “blow away” the ugly acne. Apply pearl mask 3 times / week for exfoliating and a healthy complexion.