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Our history
“Incorporated since 1995, Thienthao Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company works with motto of providing valuable pharmaceuticals and healthcare products to improve the community’s living quality.

This motto is maintained and increasingly developed by providing various prescribed drugs, OTC products, health supplements and premium healthcare products from Vietnamese and foreign pharmaceutical companies.

As a Viet Nam-prestigious company, ThienThao has been known as a professional distribution and marketing entity, widely selected as partner by myriad of local and international manufacturers to distribute and market their products in Viet Nam market.”
19<br />95
Establish Thien Thao Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
Become distributor of: Daiichi (Japan), Theramex (France), Biocodex (France), UPSA (France), Servier (France), Ciba (Switzerland).
19<br />97
Become distributor of: Meiji (Japan), Serono (France), Hexal (Germany).
Become distributor of: Nova Argentia (Italia), Fisiopharma (Italia), Alfa Intes (Italia).
Become exclusive distributor of Ciech – Polfa (Poland), Meiji (Japan).
Production joint venture with BV Pharma Joint Stock Company.
20<br />10
Establish Thien Thao Saigon Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company in Ho Chi Minh City.
20<br />12
Execute the Exclusive Distribution Agreement with Meiji Seika Pharma (Japan).
20<br />14
- Become exclusive distributor of Amino Collagen – Meiji (Japan) in Viet Nam.

- Introduce Meiact 200mg – Meiji (Japan) antibiotic product in Viet Nam.
20<br />16
Introduce Meiact FG 50mg – Meiji (Japan) antibiotic product in Viet Nam.
VP Pharma jointed Thien Thao Group.
Introduce Medical Braces of Pavis S.P.A. (Italia)
Our core value
We build integrity and trust throughout the organization. Employees trust in us, partners and customers trust in us, Shareholders satisfy with us.
We provide products and marketing distribution services of high quality.
We always attach importance to innovation in marketing and distribution services that enable us to not only achieve good results but also strive to achieve excellence.
We build a transparent and honest foundation to ensure sustainable development.
We provide incentives to promote work, establish opportunities to perform, support career development, reward employees for work and efficiency.
Our Mission
Becoming one of the top 10 companies in Vietnam in the field of pharmaceutical distribution and marketing, professionally and prestigiously providing high quality healthcare products to domestic and international manufacturers.
Our Vision
We contribute to enhancing the value of human life by providing high quality pharmaceuticals and healthcare products, reliable and economical marketing distribution services with a comprehensive nationwide network.
Our Commitments
ThienThao is respected by our distinguished strengths. The Company’s fame has been developed for many years on the basis of Prestige and legal compliance.

Business management principles are based on our commitments.
Commitment on compliance with laws, rules and internal regulations
We thoroughly understand that the business must be based on principles of compliance with laws, regulations, the internal policies and standards. That are our Responsibilities and Commitments.
Commitments on business integrity
ThienThao business activities must be always conducted with integrity. Our members only involve and maintain the business and commercial agreements where are well matched with ThienThao’s business standards. We make great efforts to offer outstanding services to our business partners on the accountability, honesty, reliability and integrity basis.
Commitments on fair competition
ThienThao endeavors the market economy and ensure the fair and unlimited competition in accordance with antitrust laws. ThienThao legal department shall facilitate to train and coach so that our members may observe and strictly adhere to the provisions of the competition law.
Commitments on developing fair and respected working environment
- ThienThao commits to nurture our corporate culture where respects the human values regardless of their background such as gender, religion, national origin, age, and sexual orientation. No ThienThao member is subject to unequally, bias treatment or harassment.
- ThienThao members respect values of each other, use the different values in thinking and opinion for smooth communication purposes. That means enhancement of our competitiveness in offering premium services, creating added value to the customer’s highest satisfaction.
- We always make great efforts to develop a fair working environment with attractive compensation and welfare policies, ceaselessly improving the civilized and modern working environment.
Our goal is to develop ThienThao as a good workplace.
Commitments on compliance with sustainable development principles, causing no impact on environment and people health
- ThienThao provides healthcare products and services to improve the living quality. Therefore, we thoroughly understand the Company’s goals in environmental protection, people health and safety related to our products.
- We commit to adhere and have high sense of environmental protection, not trading in products destructing the environment, ensuring effect use of natural resources, facilitating the sustainable development.
- ThienThao takes care of our member health and ensure OSHE. Assurance of member’s benefits is also targeted to ensure the Company’s benefits.
All In One Service
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You are provided with comprehensive solutions to successfully penetrate, expand and develop in Viet Nam market.

ThienThao is the official distributor of some Vietnamese and international suppliers in Viet Nam market

Meiji is the leading manufacturer in pharmaceutical products and foodstuff for every age in Japan.
Alfa Intes
Alfa Intes is a group of pharmaceutical companies with over sixty years of experience in Italian ophthalmology market
Medlac Pharma Italy is an Italian and Vietnamese Joint Venture Company, incorporated in 2008, known as one of a few injection pharmaceutical manufaturer in Viet Nam.
TAKATA Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is a Japan-famous medical drug production, business and R&D company.
NOVA argentia
Incorporated in 1947, NOVA Argentia involves in producing pharmaceuticals, medical devices and foodstuff with 4 big plants in Italy. NOVA Argentia products are distributed to over 25 countries in the world.
Biovenahealth is a Poland manufacturer of pharmaceuticals, medical devices, health supplements and cosmetics, etc., and recorded with ongoing dynamic development.
Pavis S.P.A. is an Italian well-known manufacturer of orthopedic and aesthetic corset, belts. Incorporated since 1960, with the phylosophy of 100% made-in-Italy products, its products are always experienced through the strictest quantity control processes.
Medexport Italy is a group of Italian pharmaceutical companies, available in 1991, as an ideal connection vehicle between Italy companies and the customers in the world.
Samyang is a big Korean group with myriad of product ranges, involving in electronic equipment, foodstuff and cosmetics, etc.
BRV Healthcare
BRV Healthcare is one of the big localized pharmaceutical manufacturers and traders in Vietnam, characterized by the fastest development speed in Vietnam since the early of 2000s.
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