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01. Drug Regulatory Affairs

In the integration trend, the global-scale product development is desired by the pharmaceutical manufacturers. However, foreign enterprises are always faced with big barriers caused by difference in culture and legal affairs upon business development in Viet Nam, especially difficulties in legislation compliance in health care industry which is characterized by a series of specific features.

Thanks to over 25-year-experience in the pharmaceutical consultancy service, ThienThao has been a long-term partner of many Vietnamese and international pharmaceutical companies.

ThienThao pharmacist and lawyer teams are always available to offer you with a fast and effective drug regulatory service.

1. ThienThao’s procedure on drug regulatory affairs
ThienThao is always available to accompany with you since inception and during product circulation in Viet Nam market. Coming with us, you shall be supported as follows:

2. Sequences and procedures of drug regulation

Do not hesitate to contact us for specific and accurate consultancy services to ensure that the registration is quickly and effectively initiated.
ThienThao is always available to offer you with a fast and effective registration service. Any regulation-related questions should be directed to us for the best advice on regulations and procedures.
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